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Deck / Lawn / Skid Field Safety Floor Mat GM0404 A/E
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Item GM0404A/B/C/D/E/F/G
Size/Weight A-1020*1020*15mm (40.2"x40.2"x0.59")  7.2KG/PC
B-1000*1000*15mm (39.3"x39.3"x0.59")    9.4KG/PC
C-800*800*18mm (31.5"x31.5"x0.7")       6.7KG/PC
D-1500*1000*22mm (59"x39.3"x0.87")      19KG/PC
E-630*420*15mm(24.8"x16.5"x0.59")       1.85KG/PC
F-1500*1000*19mm (59"x39.3"x0.75")      17KG/PC
G-800*500*22mm (31.4”x19.6”x0.87”       5.6KG/PC

Natural rubber, SBR, nitrile rubber NBR or EPDM rubber , etc. it can be customized according to requirements of special materials oil-proof, acid and alkali-resistance, antibacterial, fire-retardant.
Application:Factory workshop, supermarket, outdoor sports facilities, ship deck, lawn series of special mats, has a good impact resistance and drainage performance, excellent anti aging effect.
Features: No smell of environmentally friendly synthetic rubber, beautiful colors, beautiful, soft, good quality, drainage and anti fatigue effect.

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