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Hole with large size mat

Product model: GM0404D GM0404F
Material: environmental protection renewable rubber + mineral filler material
Color: black, red, blue, green, can be customized
Product specifications are as follows:

Specification: 1500 * 1000 * 19/22 mm

Specifications and price information please consult the sales hotline!
Packing: packed in wooden pallets and scale thin film

Product features:
Suitable for a variety of places of large size perforated antiskid mat, the thickness of the highest in all perforated rubber mat products, aspect, the biggest can meet the use of large area when the shop is needed.
1. Prevent slippery carpet is easy to cut, to adapt to the requirements of any shape.
2. The porous non-slip mat is suitable for direct ship laid, with links clasp, joining together easily
3. The non-slip mat has a strong resistance to uv light, water and oil resistant.
4. Non-slip mat grade environmental protection renewable rubber, tasteless environmental protection.
5. This mat, were also used in workshop epoxy ground as workshop non-slip MATS, channel outside the ground, and more type used on the ground, prevent slippery effect very good.

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